TV Broadcasting

TV Broadcast Equipment

Daxco Digital provides consultation, design, supply and installation of broadcast systems.

We provide turnkey solutions for TV and Content Broadcasting Stations.

Solutions we provide include:

  • TV Studios
  • Broadcast Management Systems
  • Post Production Suites
  • Storage Systems
  • Video Processing,
  • Asset Management Systems,
  • Archiving
  • Signal Monitoring
  • TV Newsroom
  • Playout Automation System
  • Graphics Systems

We provide broadcast solutions based on the leading broadcast equipment and solutions in the market and will can customize solutions to fit various requirements and budgets.

Daxco focuses on enhancing workflow and ease of use for our customers, while meeting functional requirements of various broadcast customers. We provide redundant solutions to ensure customers can be on air 24hours, 7 days a week with no downtime.

We provide solutions that enhances the customers return of investment, providing efficient automated workflows that reduces manpower, create attractive effective content, providing revenue generating options and ensuring that they increase their ratings for higher advertising revenue.

We market and supply equipment from the partners such as:

  • Axel Technologies ( TV Software and Hardware)
  • Cinergy ( TV Broadcasting Software Solutions)
  • Facillis ( Storage Systems)
  • Datadirect Networks ( Storage Systems)
  • Lynx Technik ( Broadcast Glue Equipment)
  • Kroma Telecom (Intercom and Monitors)
  • Guntermann & Drunck (KVM Solutions)

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