ADM B3 - KSDigital EN-1

ADM Series- ADM B3

Product Description

As a subwoofer with an integrated mono crossover, the ADM B2/3 in combination with the C5 Tiny or the AM 30, offers an extremely powerful bass extension. The 10” speaker works within a flowoptimized bass reflex cabinet with antiparallel walls that suppresses oscillations and reduces modes. This feature permits an extended bass frequency range to 25Hz/30Hz within a compact cabinet. A mono crossover with high pass satellite outputs (full range operational) relieves the satellites from low bass. The pentagon basses also play perfectly as LFE in a professional 5.1 listening system. Conceived as active, full range subwoofers in a compact pentagon cabinet enables the ADM B2/3 to provide full control across the entire bass spectrum. For the first time, high sound pressure is available at very low frequencies due to the flow optimized bass reflex, computer simulation assisted design of the pentagon cabinets. The transmission range reaches (linear) from 25Hz/30 Hz to the crossover frequency of the connected satellite speakers. A mono crossover collects the bass components of the input signal and feeds them to the 400/200Watt PWM-Amp of the ADM BX. The speakers connected to the stereo output receive the appropriate line-level signal above 80 Hz. Therefore the ADM B2/3 is very suitable as a bass extension / support of the entire Coax-Line series. A higher requirement for sound pressure can be met with two ADM B2/3’s in connection with an ADM30, resulting in a full value 3-way active loudspeaker combination of the highest precision.

Technical Specifications

analog IN, OUT XLR-symmetric
process left/right Input with L/R HP-outs mono-sum subwoofer signal
frequency range 30-80 Hz
room equalization bass level finetuning
chassis 10″ cone
amplifier 200W
SPL 118dB
dimensions 35 x 37 x 42 cm 12.5 kg
special 2-way crossover, monosub in pentagon cabinet


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