ADM Series- ADM 25

Product Description

The ADM25 is conceived as a stand speaker to be set up directly behind the mixing desk or the work station – work place. Both the emitting properties of the chassis working in the ADM25 and the acoustic baffle of the stand casing tilted at 5° allow excellent use of the ADM25 in the near and midfield area. A D’Apollito arrangement with very strongly coupled sound centres of the individual chassis, connected with the high range wave guide concentrate the energy in the area 90° x 60° (H x V). In this way the monitor room is less stimulated and therefore control is significantly increased. The acoustic baffle tilted at 5° decreases reflections on the desk or work space and prevents unwanted excessive presence. The FIRTEC™ technology linearises frequency and phase response at the listening place and therefore ensures a tonally and temporally correct, neutral playback of the acoustic signal. The freely adjustable parametric EQ’s as well as high and low shelving filters allow a precise adjustment to the set up position and the acoustics of the listening place. This complete package ensures true to detail, time correct information at the work place of the engineer.


Digitally equalised, phase linear playback via the D’Apollitto emitter
All chassis on one level (time alignment)
1’’ high range with CAD designed sound conduction
Controlled emitting with 90° x 60° sound conduction (V x H)
Extremely neutral in average frequency response and phase
frequency response 35 Hz to 24 kHz (± 3 dB)
Neodymium magnets in chassis with concentrated magnetic field
and negligible magnetic radiation
High quality materials like solid cherry wood front
multiple links with parameter selection and volume regulation for
the whole X.1 set up
analogue or digital signals (with optional DAC)

Technical Specifications

AD / DA converter 24 Bit/ 192 KHz
digital IN, OUT AES3 format, 32 – 210 KHz, bis 24 Bit,
analog IN, OUT XLR symmetric, active bypass connector
DSP 60 MHz 32 bit floatingpoint, 1500 dB dynamic
process FIRTEC™ equalization, FIR crossover, limiter,
2 FIR-presets, 5 userfilter
room equalization 5 peakfilter and FIRTEC system-equalisation
chassis 1“ cone, 6,25“ carboncone, 6,25“ carboncone
amplifier 170W / 170W 170W RMS
SPL 122dB peak
remote control gain control and 5 userfilter (optional)
frequency range 35-22000 Hz (+/3dB)
special X.1 setup with common gain control
dimensions: 130,0 X 27,0 X 32,0 cm 19,0 kg



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