ADM 22

ADM Series- ADM 22

Product Description

The ADM22 represents a complete upgrade of the legendary ADM 20, the first digital, linear phase studio monitor worldwide. In this upgrade, all important reproduction functions of the ADM20 were taken over and fitted to the new cabinet. Therefore the ADM22 also processes the signal digitally with its own DSP platform. Our patented FIRTEC system filters ensure a linear phase, and a correctly timed reproduction across the entire frequency range. The wave guide eliminates the effect of the cabinet edges and linearizes not only the processing of the digital signal but also the frequency characteristics. The 1” high frequency ring emitters ensure low distortion even at high volumes. The 8” carbon chassis (made in Germany) with its optimized stiff but low weight membrane (F1 material), prevents a break-up into partial oscillations at high volumes, so that the compact ADM22 represents a full value monitor for all applications. The 24 bit / 192 Khz DA converter supplies the analogue output stage with its special audio 180W (RMS) transistors. The optional digital input (bypassing the DA converter) facilitates a direct connection to the digital work station or master machine. Three freely configurable peak-EQs as well as high and low shelving controls permit an optimized adjustment to the listening position in a studio. These as well as all other parameters, such as volume or delay can be comfortably adjusted with optional FIRTEC control software either from a computer or with the hardware remote control RC-100.


Linear phase reproduction with minimal latency (<5msec)
High impulse stability due to carbon ring emitter combination
Adjustable to room and setup position with 5 freely accessible
filters (peak/shelving)
Analogue or (optional) digitally controlled (27Bit-ADC)
Full range control, the volume is adjustable in the output stage
Remote control

Technical Specifications

AD / DA converter 24 Bit/ 192 KHz
digital IN, OUT AES3 format, 32 – 210 KHz, bis 24 Bit,
analog IN, OUT XLR symmetric, active bypass connector
process FIRTEC™ equalization, FIR crossover, limiter,
2 FIRpresets, 5 userfilter
room equalization 5 peakfilter and FIRTEC system-equalisation
chassis 1“ radiator, 8“ carboncone
amplifier 180 W RMS
SPL 116dB cont./124dB peak
remote control gain control, 5 userfilter (optional)
frequency range 35-22000 Hz (+/3dB)
special X.1 setup with common gain control
dimensions: 42,0 X 28,0 X 35,0 cm 18,0 kg


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