ADM 20

ADM Series- ADM 20

Product Description

The ADM 20 represents a complete revision of the very successful ADM 2, which was the first loudspeaker with a digital equalizer worldwide. Naturally we have retained the valued neutrality in transmission behaviour as well as the now legendary frequency and phase characteristics. The specially developed and patented FIRTEC ™ filter technology allows for corrections during the course of the sound emission. This means a flattening in amplitude as well as in the phase frequency characteristic. On top of this, the precision is increased with a higher sampling rate combined with a whole series of parameters and their different possible configurations which are accessible to the user. For example, these include three parametric peak filters to facilitate the exact adaptation to the equipment positioning, low and high shelving, delay as well as phase and mono-test functions. At the same time, the FIRTEC ™ filtering not only compensates for any inadequacies of the drivers, but also considers the whole monitor system including cabinet, amplifier etc. At the analog input, the signal is converted with a 27 bit ADC (gain staging method). The digital AES3 input works with up to 32 bit directly on the 32 bit floating point DSP with the FIRTEC ™ filter, the digital, linear phase, differential cross-over unit and overload protector of the drivers. An optional hard- or software remote control facilitates the adjustment of the volume to the required level or setting up the peak filter in order to reduce the spatial responsiveness for roommodes or other variables.


phasenlinear reproduction
minimal latency (<5msec)
carbon membran for wide frequency range in sub-/mid-chassis
compression highrange driver for less distorion
5 userprogrammable EQs
(b software or optional RC-100 hardware controller)
switchable between analogue or digital input
volume and all other parameters remotable

Technical Specifications

AD / DA converter 27 bit sigma delta, 64x oversampling
digital IN, OUT AES3 format, 32 – 192 KHz
analog IN, OUT XLR symmetric, active bypass connector
DSP 60 MHz 32 bit floatingpoint, 1500 dB dynamic
process FIRTEC™ equalization, FIR crossover, limiter,
2 FIRpresets, 5 userfilter
room equalization 5 peakfilter and FIRTEC system-equalisation
chassis 1“ radiator, 8“ carboncone
amplifier 200W / 100W MOSFET technology
SPL 122dB peak
remote control gain control and Input switch (optional)
frequency range 38-22000 Hz (+/3dB)
special X.1 setup with common gain control
dimensions: 42,0 X 30,0 X 33,0 cm 19.5 kg


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