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The American music industry revenue is about $40 billion worldwide, and about $12 billion in the United States. Most of the world’s major record companies are based in the United States.

Daxco Digital proudly offers American technology for Professional Studio and  Hi-Fi

Product Offering Summary

“Studio Products”

  1. Microphone Preamplifiers.
    1.  (A microphone preamplifier is a sound engineering device that prepares a microphone signal to be processed by other equipment. Microphone signals are often too weak to be transmitted to units such as mixing consoles and recording devices with adequate quality. Preamplifiers increase a microphone signal to line level (i.e. the level of signal strength required by such devices) by providing stable gain while preventing induced noise that would otherwise distort the signal.)
  2. Stereo Tube Direct Interface
    1. b.     (feature exceptionally clean and quiet tube circuits which will warm up any electric guitar, bass, violin, and especially those sterile sounding synths.)
  3. Equalizers
    1. c.     (In sound recording and reproduction, Equalization is the process commonly used to alter the frequency response of an audio system using linear filters.).
  4. Dynamics (Compressors and Limiters, Combination Limiter&Preamplifier)
    1. d.     (Compressors are there to screen out loud peaks in audio. This usually helps to get a fuller, louder sound without reaching the signal peaking(> 0dB). Whereas a compressor will begin smoothly reducing the gain above the threshold, a limiter will almost completely prevent any additional gain above the threshold.)
  5. Combo Units (Consists of Microphone Preamplifier Section, Compressor Section, Equalizer Section, De-esser Limiter Section, VU Meter)
    1. e.     (all-tube signal path could bring every instrument and overdub to life.)
  6. Microphones

Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone- For Studio and Voiceover Recording.

Manley Gold Reference Multi-Pattern Microphones – Mono

(The gold diaphragm film comes from Germany and is tensioned using proprietary techniques by David Josephson ensuring capsule-to-capsule constancy, combined with the speed, “air”, and superb ultra-high frequency response)

Manley Gold Reference Stereo Microphones- Stereo

  1. Mixers (Tube Technology)
    1. (Studios based around workstations need a simple but superb mixer .In sound recording and reproduction, audio mixing or mixdown is the process by which multiple recorded sounds are combined into one or more channels.)
  2. Mastering
    1. (Mastering, a form of audio post-production, is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix to a data storage device (the master)
  3. Monitoring
    1. h.     (MicMAID was designed to fill a particular niche in the business that has never really been addressed: auditioning and selecting microphones and microphone preamplifiers. Proper pairing of mics and preamps has always been (and always will be!) a vital step in the tracking process) Tannoy ML10 & ML10A Monitors, Studio Headphone System (the engineer can offer each musician a fader dedicated to their own instrument).


Sound reproduction system (like a stereo system) that is particularly effective at playing back sounds that resemble the original source. HiFi Products are mainly the experience to capture live musical performance in a room with good acoustics, and reproduce it at home.

  1. Hi-Fi Pre Amplifiers
  2. Hi-Fi Power Amplifiers

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