Recording Studios

Daxco Digital provide solutions for recording studios.

Anyone with requirement for recording,audio mixing and processing can come to us.

We provide solutions for small home recording studios to large mix stages for professionals catering to different budgets.

Daxco Digital provide state of the art mixing, monitoring , editing, processing and recording equipment.

We ensure you have for your set budget

1) Best sound recording quality

2) Efficient sound production workflow to let you focus on the creative process of recording , arranging and mixing music or soundtracks.

3) Awesome Monitoring Environment

4) Great sounding  performance instruments and controllers..

Our staff are musicians also and understand your needs and requirements.

We provide turnkey solutions from studio design, acoustics, setup and installation and have set up a number of recording studio or mix stages.

Daxco distributes high quality products such as:

  • Manley Labs ( Tube/Solid State Audio Preamps, Processors and Microphones)
  • KS Digital Speakers
  • Access Virus Synthesizers

However we are not limited to only the great awesome  products we distribute and will recommend products according to your needs.

We can supply solutions base on any Digital Audio Workstation Platform you prefer, be it Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase , Studio One, Ableton etc.


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