About Us

We offer product solutions for interlinking of computing and other information technologies, media content, and communication networks that has arisen as the result of the evolution digital technology and convergence with Internet Protocols. We mainly service the Radio, Television and now the Telecommunications industry.



Pro-Audio Products in audio transmission.

Radio Broadcasting VHF/FM transmitters cover the entire power range from 5W to 10kW long wave communication transmitters AM-Transmitter System. Daxco supports Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Platform Technology.

Automation and Playout for Radio broadcasting, Broadcast Consoles, Network Management Systems, Turnkey Radio, Audio Loggers

Automatic codec recognition, which allows compatibility to nearly all standard and proprietary audio codecs in the market. Products for InHouseStreaming, WebRadio, ISDN, other broadcast networking applications and Digital Handheld Recording.

Digital Studio Speakers.  Audio Live / full-range PA systems using Firtec DSP technology portable to the most accurate arena sound line arrays. Home theater / Home audio systems, HiFi and Pro Studio equipment.




Optimal high resolution scanning solution for archive and restoration, handling negative, print and intermediate in all major film formats (16 / 35 as well as 8 mm) at 2k and 4k resolution. We offer scanning services with high resolution for Digital Intermediate as well as real-time Digital Dailies.




Switching and Monitoring products from studio to transmission. Such as DVB-T2 and DVB-T transmitter and peripheral equipment. Multi-standard analogue TV receiver/demodulator and mains distribution units (MDUs).

Software Broadcast system for TV automation. Multi-channel TV Scheduling software and Video Loggers.

Product range for Autocue and Teleprompters.



Hardware products for Shared Storage of TV and Film post production. Digital Asset Management system that performs the core and the brain of the broadcast center.



Support Hardware for large IT Installations.

Extenders, to operate computers over distances up to 10,000 m and still work in real time. Stand Alone Switches, to operate 2 – 64 computers over one user console. Matrix Switches, to control multiple computers over multiple local and remote user consoles

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